I would like to call the event:
What's love got to do with teleportation?

And propose that we start the event off site, with a meeting point early afternoon at the following Pret, which is open on Sundays and is the second closest Pret from Jupiter Woods: UNIT 13 (RT3) CANARY WHARF LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM E14 5NY

We would then walk to a Pret that is closed on Sundays: RETAIL UNIT, SQP3 SOUTH QUAY MARSH WALL LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM E14 9SH

(Knowledge based on searching https://www.pret.co.uk/en-gb/find-a-pret with the Jupiter Woods postcode)

And continue onwards to Jupiter Woods. Not sure if we should walk or get public transport. Maybe it could be left as a choice.

We could use the image below, made for me by Becca Abbe, based on this: https://twitter.com/LloydWise/status/1043541577786748928
I would want to check with Becca first, she might want to make changes to it and I would want to loop her in about crediting her on the JW website etc.

Once at Jupiter Woods we could watch a film. Not sure if it should be Love & Teleportation or another one. The main thing I want to ask in this series concerns space travel and time travel, and how difficult it is to define one as distinct from the other. So once you start thinking about teleportation films, that involve portals etc. people immediately begin thinking around time travel films as well. And I want to talk about choice and desire, and freedom and love, and about making choices with regards where to be and when that are freeing.

In addition to the list of films I sent before, there are: Groundhog Day and Ivan Vasilievich Changes Profession. I guess also Sliding Doors.

I think I would want to set some reading either ahead of or to be done together during the walk. Maybe some of Deleuze's Difference and Repetition.

What do you think? Does the walk/Pret part sound overambitious? I think it important to incorporate something about travel in the city, public and private space, and technologies. There's free wifi in Pret and Pret is this place that many people go in between things, if they're in town but too far from home, need some wifi, need to get out of bad weather, etc.

Let me know what you think?!

Lizzie x